Bubble Panel Outdoor Decoration Green Blue and Yellow

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Our Bubble Panel is the prefect addition that every child dreams of having on their swing set. The window is a great way to look out over the playground without fear of falling. Can you picture your child making faces or even just enjoying the view? Parents can feel that their children are safer with this bubble panel. Secure an opening in your play set with this bubble panel without diminishing the feeling of being outdoors.


Adding a periscope with the bubble and your child can create an undersea adventure. The bubble can be a look out for their submarine. Having a bubble panel on your swing set will not only enhance the playground but give the children many different ways to create their own daring and exciting activities.


This bubble panel is made of sturdy 14" thick polyethylene sheet with a clear Lexan bubble. Recommended for children 12 years and younger. The size of this amazing bubble panel is 30" wide by 36" tall. We have them in blue, green and yellow.


Have some questions about our Bubble panel? Do you need to know about something else? We are always here to ease your concerns or questions. Feel free to call us or go to our live chat link and one of our pleasant staff members will be there to assist you.


* Made of Thick Polyethylene Sheet and Clear Lexan Bubble

* Recommended for Children 12 and Under

* Bubble Panel is 30” Wide by 36” Tall

* Available in Blue, Green, and Yellow