Double Rock Wall Panel Plastic Quality

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Making your own Rock Wall Panel for your playset has never been easier. Just mount these panels on a secure background and you are ready for your little one to start their adventure. These tile type climbing panels can help you create your child’s very own mountains. These rock wall panels have the look of real rocks. As the child grows you can switch around the panels to upgrade them for a higher skill level. No need to add a ladder to your swing set. Have a rock wall put there instead. A rock wall will help promote hand eye coordination and also build upper and lower body strength. When the single rock wall panel and the double rock wall panel are combined, the possibilities are endless with the positioning.

The double rock wall panel is a plastic 12’” X 12” grey sheet that contains two rocks molded out of the sheet. This can be used in combination with the singe rock wall panel. The eight screws that are used to mount these panels are not included. These are commercial grade rock panels.

Want to know the best way to mount these rock wall panels but aren’t quite sure what to use? Give us a call and let us help you. Trying to get a hold of us after hours, go to our live chat link and someone can assist you from there.

* Two Rocks on the Panel

* Injection Molded Polypropylene

* Size is 12” by 12”

* Residential Grade

* Grey in Color

* Mounting Screws Not Included