Rockwall Kit Fun Outdoor

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This Rockwall Kit is kids want, but you do not have a huge rock wall in the backyard? Now you do not need a huge wall for rocks with our Rockwall kit! This is a rock wall kit or add on. This is the perfect add-on for your Discovery, Eclipse or other Plan-it Play kit. Get your kids excited into climbing and the outdoors with their very own Rockwall kit! Make your back yard the envy of the entire neighborhood when your kids are climbing up and down all day. Our rock wall grips are custom made for children. Each piece features a flat rim for firm foot contact, that same rim is tucked and beveled inward just enough to fit a child's small hands. The wall has a

gentle sloped incline, not too steep, for safety but enough to challenge and excite. This is perfect for young ones as it challenging for kids without being too imitating to children either.

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* 10 rock wall pieces with mounting hardware

* Available in blue or green

* All hardware included

* Detailed 3D illustrated manual

* Extra bag of 5 rocks with hardware available only $20 per bag

* Lumber NOT Included