Do you need a replacement tarp or a tarp for a brand new swing set? You can order your tarp in the required size here. It can be specialized with different colors or it can be just one solid color. Depending on your preference we can specialize your tarp. Our basic replacement tarps come in standard sizes but our custom tarps with multiple colors can be made to suit. Fun decorative covers for every style imaginable.

The tarp will provide shade for your child and create a fort like environment. What kid doesn’t want to have a tree fort? Now they can have one without all the danger of being in a tree. Their imaginations can run wild with ideas and dreams. They can pretend they are in a jungle or cave, the possibilities are endless. You can also decorate the swing set with an assortment of colors to choose from making it personalized. The tarps are available in black, yellow, gray, orange, brown, tan, burgundy, red, white, navy, charcoal, royal blue, green, kelly green, and now pink. If your child has a specialty item they like maybe you can color coordinate.

Following the formula that is provided online you can figure out the square feet that will give you your quantity to purchase. Make sure to pay attention to the square footage. If you need help with ordering feel free to check out our online chat or give us a call. We can make sure that you are ordering correctly.