Tire Swings

The best part about going to a playground is always finding the tire swing. Who wouldn’t want a tire swing in their back yard? The ability to swing in all directions is fantastic. Kids always want to try out the tire swing (so do some adults). Tire swings are loads of fun. Your kids may never want to come back inside.

Swing Set Stuff has a Deluxe Roto-molded Tire, Nextel Cup Tire, and a Vinyl Tire Swing. They come in different colors and can include coated chain or just the tire itself.

We carry the hardware necessary to successfully mount your tire swing. The tire swivels are the perfect way to utilize your 3 point tire swings. The tire swivels come in light duty, heavy duty, and extra heavy duty. Whether it is commercial or residential we carry the tire swivel that best suits you.

Want to use your own tire but not sure where to go from there? You need tire eyebolts and chain. We would be happy to assist you in completing your own tire swing with the correct hardware needed.

If you are looking to add a tire swing to your set but don’t have a spot for a 3 point tire swing we offer a vinyl tire that only requires a two point attachment. This swing is loads of fun as well.

Swing Set Stuff is always happy to help in any questions you have. Need to know how something works or how it attaches, just give us a call.