Bucket Seats

  • Taking your toddler out to play on the playground is very exciting however they need support to be able to enjoy the full effects of swinging. Is your child not ready for a belt seat yet? Our bucket seats can provide the stability they need. Our full bucket seat has a high back and coverage that completely surrounds the child. This is the type of seat you would find at the local park.  Our high back half bucket seat has full support for the back as well as a safety chain in the front. Half bucket seats are perfect if your child does not need full enclosure but not quite ready for a belt type seat.

    Our buckets come in a several colors, yellow, green, blue, red, and pink. Having a wide selection of colors will accommodate any taste. Our full bucket seats and half bucket seats come with and without chain. They come with coated and uncoated chain in several lengths. You can purchase one that is fully assembled ready to hang or just the seat itself. Are you wanting to use your existing chain with our full or half bucket seat? No problem. With some spring clips and one of our seats you are ready to go.

    Whether you are wanting to fulfill the needs of your own backyard or need something commercial, will have the right bucket swing for you.  Knowing that your little one is safe and secure will make the playground experience much more enjoyable.