Zip Lines

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Zip lines are the new way to have fun outdoors. Zip line parks are popping up everywhere but you can have one right in your own back yard. Kids love the feeling of soaring through the air. How about an adventure you don’t have to travel to and can be repeated over and over.

We have three different kinds of zip lines. Fun ride original zip line which is for 5-12 years of age. The fun ride has 35 feet of cable and is for up to 100 pounds. Perfect if you don’t have a lot of space but still want to have a lot of fun.

The Deluxe fun ride is for 8 years through adult. The deluxe is 70 feet of cable and is for up to 225 pounds. This is our most popular zip line. It offers fun for the kids and the adults and can fit in most backyards.

If those two sizes are not long enough for you we have the Fun Ride Super Z zip line. This zip line is for 8 though adult. The super Z is 90 feet of cable and for up to 250 pounds.

Our zip lines can attach to 2 trees. Don’t worry if you don’t have trees in your yard you can use 2 support posts. Our zip lines come with complete instructions for either application.

Get one for your back yard today! Great way to have fun outdoors. Just attach between two trees or supports and you are ready to go.