Glider and Glider brackets

Skyrocket into the clouds with Swing Set Stuff’s Gliders. The kids can be Back to back or by themselves. There is lots of amusement to be had for kids and toddlers. Get more motion and elevation as they swing back and forth with ease. Working together they can soar to new heights and have hours of enjoyment. The best way to keep the kiddies entertained is by having them go outside and use our Gliders or Mega Gliders. This will get them to stop playing video games and get out the door.

Gliders come in three different colors; Blue, Yellow, and Green. The Mega Glider is only available in Blue. Placing their feet in the individual stirrups and their hands on the handles acts as extra support. Use the one piece glider bracket with swing hangars and hardware to attach the glider to your structure, it has a four point hookup. Glider brackets are only available in green. These glider brackets will hope support the glider better on the swing set. Gliders can be used with rope, chain, or coated chain. Get your chain to match your glider with our coated chain. If you need the rope or chain we can supply those to you at an additional cost.

Have a question about how gliders work or what kind of attachment to use? Call us or go to our live chat to assist in your glider decisions. Our friendly staff is here to help. Swing Set Stuff can make your glider buying experience a great one.