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Rope Ladder - Does your child like to climb, or would you like to have another way for them to climb their swing set? then this our 18” rope ladder is the perfect for you! Adding another way to climb your play set is a great way to add value to your play area. With this addition to your set your little one can have hours to climb and play on their ladder. Your little one will be able to build their muscles, while improving their hand eye coordination as well. This is a great first climbing toy for the kids! It has 1 ¼” diameter hardwood dowels. The rope is 3/8” in diameter. This ladder comes complete with pelican hooks. The total length of the ladder is approx. 9ft from the hooks to the bottom of the rope. There are approx. 11” between each step. Suitable for a 5ft application.


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* 18” wide

* 9ft long suitable for a 5ft application

* Residential use only

* Up to 105 pounds


Product Measurements

Top of the hook to last rung measures 53.5", Top of the hook to the bottom of rope is 100.5", This latter is for a 6ft application


Weight Limit


Up to 105 pounds and for children use only.