Swing Set Stuff Inc. Non Skid Strip Quality Attachment

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If you want to add some grip to your swing set, these non-skid strips are prefect. They give you the added protection you need to keep your little one on their feet. Slipping, sliding, tripping and falling are always concerns. If it rains or the kids are wet from swimming these non-skid strips will help to eliminate slipping and sliding. Placing them where there is high traffic, such as stairs, steps, or ladders can give some extra hold when it is needed. Making your swing set safer and secure is one of our top priorities. Little ones aren’t worried about how safe their environment is, they only want to have fun. With the need to watch over your child constantly we would like to relieve the burden a little. A simple Non Skid Strip can possibly help with some parenting concerns. Not very many people realize this low cost option can alleviate some stress. 


You can apply these self-adhesive non-skid strips anywhere on your playground. These strips are black in color and offer better traction. They are 1" X10" long. A simple solution for added care and protection from falls and spills. 


Contact Swing Set Stuff’s customer support for questions or concerns. We will be happy to help in any way. You can give us a call or get connected to us by our live chat link located at the top of the page.  


  • Self-Adhesive Strip 

  • 1” by 10” Long 

  • Black in Color 

  • Better Traction for High Traffic Area 

  • Gritty Texture  


Product Measurements

9.75 in long