Swing Set Stuff Inc. Plastic Seat with Rope (Red) and SSS Logo Sticker

1.85 LBS
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Is your little one just starting to swing on their own but just not tall enough to reach the bigger swings? Let them feel like a big kid swinging on their own with this durable Plastic Swing Seat with Rope. This swing seat allows the swing seat to grow with your child. This swing seat is made of heavy duty plastic, comes with 2 figure 8 buckles attached to the rope to allow for adjustment to the swings height, 2 secured O-rings for easy attachment to any swing hanger (swing hangers sold separately) and seat has ridges to help avoid child from slipping while swinging. This seat measures 16 ½ in. L x 6 ¾ in. W and is for residential use only. Only available in Red. If you still have any questions? Please feel free to contact us on our live chat online, email or by phone and one of our assistances will be happy to answer any questions you have may.


  • Made of durable heavy-duty plastic
  • 2 Figure 8 buckles to adjust height to you child
  • 2 O-rings to allow for easy and fast attachment to your swing hanger (swing hanger sold separately)
  • Ridged seat to help avoid slipping
  • Residential use only


Product Measurements

 L= 17 in W= 9 in


Weight Limit


Up to 105 pounds and for children use only.