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The high quality quick link connector provides long lasting wear. These quick links will help give a fast and fool proof connection. Because these are reusable you can attach and reattach over and over. Whether you are using them to quickly attach a belt swing, trapeze bar, trapeze rings, bucket swings, or anything else you can think of, our strong quick links will provide the fast connection you need. If you are not wanting a permanent connection and are wanting easy on and off, the quick links are a great solution. Maybe you like to change up your swing set and the items on it, with these it will be a hassle-free option.

The robust quick link is a high quality, multi-use clip that has a screw type closure. These are sold in pairs. They can attach and detach easily to your swing set. Swing Set Stuff’s quick links are designed to support children ages 12 and under. The weight limit is 125 lbs. The strength and durability of these links will not be beat.

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* Long Lasting

* Comes in a Pair

* Reusable

* Weight Limit is 125 LBS

* For Children 12 and Under


Product Measurements

0.6 in for opening, 3.25x1.5 in