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Have you ever had anything taken off your swing set? Do you want or need to deter vandals from stealing or vandalizing your swing set, chain or your swing set seats? You may want to try the single clevis. The Single Clevis is a great way to protect your swing set with a tamper resistant connection from your swing set chain to your swing set itself or from the chain to all the different swing set seats and buckets you can purchase from us. It can be used with commercial belt seats, high back full bucket seats, high back half buckets seats and all the different trapeze sets and rings. Our single clevises need a special clevis wrench that is used to secure the single clevis to your swing set/seats, and they are sold separately from the single clevis and can be purchased through our website. Having a special tool to open and close the single clevis helps keep your swing set stuff securely in place and makes it harder for the vandalizing of your swing set. Give yourself, a friend or a neighbor the peace of mind knowing that the swing set will be more protected the next time the children go to play. This is for the purchase of one single clevis.

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* One Single Clevis

* Deters Theft

* Tamper Resistant Connection

* For Use with a Clevis Wrench (Sold Separately)

* Rust resistant


Product Measurements

Opening is 1/2 an inch L= 2 in W= 1.5 in H= 1 in. Bolt 2x1/4