5 Products to transform your backyard from yawn to yay!

5 Products to transform your backyard from yawn to yay!

Posted by Travis Adkins on 6th May 2017

 It’s the spring season, do you know what your kids are doing? Are they playing video games in the basement, avoiding the sun at all costs? Well, they want to play inside all day because that's where all the fun toys are! Get your children interested in the great outdoors with these 5 fun and easy to use swing set toys!

1- Swing Set Periscope. What is the best part of the kids playing outside? Is it exercise, the wind in the hair, or is the imagination the kids get when they play on a playground? All three are great, but this periscope will get your kids imagination rolling in! They can pretend to be a pirate sailing around the 7 seas, or they can be the caption of a merchant ship! It’s really up to your child to be anything they want with our playground periscope. Available in blue, green, red, yellow and pink to match the color of your house or swing set! Both you and the kids will love the fun and color this will add to your backyard.


2- Swing Set Steering Wheel. So, your child loves cars and racing, but they are way too young to drive anything. If this is your young one then check out our swing set steering wheel! This will ignite a passion for autos for a life time. Your child can pretend to be a part of a pro race driving 200 MPH in a track, or they can be racing around Europe in a race car like a star! Give your child the powerful thrill of racing without any risks with this steering wheel. This awesome toy is available in pink, red, yellow, green and blue to match the race car your child will be driving in the future!

Steering Wheel

3- Swing Set Phone. Does your child have the gift of gab already, but are not ready for a real phone? Then check out this fun play set telephone! With realistic push buttons, your child will feel like they are really on the phone. The child in your life that loves to talk can go on and on for hours on this toy telephone. Add some imagination to your child's toys with this telephone. Available in pink, red, blue, green and yellow to match the color of your back-yard play area! This toy will be an instant hit with the talkers of any kid group!


4- Stand N Swing. So you already have all of the fun and colorful accessories you need for your swing set, now what about the most important part of the whole thing, the seat? If you need a unique seat then this is just for this! This seat is made for standing up on while you swing! No more ruined belt seats that bend or break over time with kids standing on them. Made from plastic, with attached rope this is an easy to use swing. If your child loves to stand up while they are using swing seats, then this is the seat for them! Only available in green.

Stand N Swing

5- Trapeze Bar and Ring. Do your kids love to swing, just not on a seat? Then check out our Trapeze Bar with Rings! This is the perfect way for the kid in your life to get exercise with arms. This will help the child in your life get more fit, while also having fun on a playground. This is an awesome swing set piece as it has the fun trapeze bar, but also the rings on the sides, so kids can play with both. This also includes chains to hang this up on your swing seat! This will add play and style to your play area. Available in red, blue, green and yellow so you can get your favorite color!

Trapeze bar with rings