Bucket Swing Seat : 5 reasons why you need one in your backyard.

Bucket Swing Seat : 5 reasons why you need one in your backyard.

Posted by Travis Adkins on 15th Mar 2017

The outdoors is such an amazing place to relax and enjoy yourself, yet it remains underrated for a place for kids to play. This is due to a couple of reasons. Kids these days enjoy playing video games in the dark basement more than swinging around on a swing set. Kids also watch more movies and TV shows than ever before! So, what’s a great way to get those children off the coach and into the great outdoors? Our Bucket Swing Seats! Well, we give you 5 reasons why a bucket seat is needed in your back yard!

1. Your backyard is boring!

Your kids do not want to play in your backyard due to massive amounts of yawning, aka your children are bored! If you have a backyard with no swing set equipment or accessories, your kids have nothing to do! With a big empty space, it’s hard to get kids to get active. Not with our bucket seat it’s not! Our bucket seat is so much fun, you will be seeing the kids play on it for hours on end! You will be surprised by how many hours your kids are out swinging and playing on our fun and easy to use bucket swing seat.

2. Grew out of old toys!

Do you still have that sand box that your kids used to play with, but not anymore? Do you have some old toys that have lost some luster over the years? Then our bucket swing seats are just what you need. Do you have an older kid that no longer fits into the full bucket? Then our half bucket swing seats is what you need! This has more room for children's legs as they grow older. We have lots of choices for swing seats but not only will you love the color choices, but this will give the kids a way to fly into the sky, rather than sit in an old sandy box. Excite your kids today with one of our fun bucket swing seats!

3. Get the kids active!

In 2017, we have more ways to play video games and watch videos than ever before. How can you break this cycle of inactivity? By getting your kids an awesome bucket swing seat! Once your kid gets the feeling of the wind in their hair, they will forget all about the favorites on TV and just want to swing! Don't you want your children to have the quintessential childhood moments of swinging on a swing? Swinging in the backyard is a lifelong memory that your children will always carry around. They will not remember that video game in 10 years, but they will remember playing in the back yard.

4. Get the kids more social!

Playing online video games is not the same as hanging out in real life, regardless of what your one young tells you. Having face to face play time with friends is essential for developing social skills, so getting this bucket swing seat will get the kids outside with friends! Your children and their friends will bond for hours when they get to swing higher and higher! Our bucket swing seat can help give your kids the social skills they need to have a great childhood.

5. Add style to your backyard!

Do you have a backyard that you cannot stand to look at? Maybe it’s just a big grass or dirt area with no color or fun. With our amazing bucket swing seats, we can add some color and fun at the same time! With so many color options to choose from, you will wonder why you didn't do this before! With our amazing Bucket Seats being available in green, yellow, blue, red, black and pink we are sure you will be able to match the color of your bucket seat to your playset! Adding style to your backyard has never been easier!

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