Swing Set Stuff Inc. Tire Eye Bolts (3) Durable Attachment

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Eye Bolts - Making your own tire swing has never been easier. Are you having a hard time attaching your tire swing to the chain? These 3 tire eye bolts can be used to solve this problem. Make sure you drill holes equal lengths apart and insert your eye bolts. Sold in a set of 3, they will easily attach your chain to your tire swing. Strong and durable these tire eye bolts are made to last. What child doesn’t want their own tire swing? Making one for them will make it much more special. You can easily use a tire that comes off a tractor or a vehicle. This can help make the memories that will last a lifetime.

We have this great set of 3 tire eye bolts. They make attaching chain to your tire swing easy. These tire eye bolts come with the washers and lock nuts for secure attachment. Strong and tough for a commercial quality connection. The tire eye bolts are galvanized to prevent rusting and promote a longer life. If you are looking to make your own tire swing these tire eye bolts are top notch.

When making your tire swing you may have questions or concerns about how to do this properly. Swing Set Stuff Inc. has staff members waiting to answer your questions. Give us a call during business hours or simply go to our live chat link.


  • Sold in a Set of 3
  • Strong and Durable
  • Attaches to Tire
  • Includes Washers and Nuts
  • Commercial Grade
  • Galvanized to Prevent Rust


Product Measurements

0.6" hole size


 Product Instructions