Small Mega Flat Seat with 5.5ft Uncoated Chain Sturdy Outdoor

10.30 LBS
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Check out our heavy-duty small rubber mega flat seat complete with 5.5ft 3/16" uncoated chain. Get the children active and outside with our exciting swing. This is our smaller version of the mega seat. This heavy-duty Small Rubber Mega Flat Seat is perfect for your playset. Made with commercial grade rubber, it will withstand hours of play. The rubber also provides a grip so that the kids won’t slip off as they are swinging. This swing comes complete with 5.5ft uncoated chain, s-hooks and clips. If you have questions give our customer service representatives a call. We also have a live-chat feature on our website, where you can instant-message with a customer service representative to get all your swing set questions answered! Here at Swing Set Stuff Inc. we are dedicated to helping you!



* Commercial Grade

* Seat is Rubber material

* Heavy Duty

* Comes complete with 5.5ft uncoated chain, s-hooks and clips


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