Mega Flat Seat with 5.5ft Uncoated Chain Durable Fun

17.20 LBS
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Check out our heavy-duty rubber mega flat seat complete with 5.5ft 3/16" uncoated chain, amazing for your outdoor playset! Get the children active and outside with our exciting swing. This large and comfortable seat will be wonderful for kids to sit play with, and its high-quality material means it can last. This heavy-duty Rubber Mega Flat Seat is perfect for your playset. Made with commercial grade rubber, it will withstand hours of play. The rubber also provides a grip so that the kids won’t slip off as they are swinging. This swing comes complete with 5.5ft uncoated chain, s-hooks and clips. If you have questions give our customer service representatives a call. We also have a live-chat feature on our website, where you can instant-message with a customer service representative to get all your swing set questions answered! Here at Swing Set Stuff Inc. we are dedicated to helping you!



* Commercial Grade

* Seat is Rubber material

* Heavy Duty

* Comes complete with 5.5ft uncoated chain, s-hooks and clips


Weight Limit


Up to 125 pounds and for children use only.




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