Swing Set Stuff Inc. 3/8" X 4" Large End S-hook (pair) Durable Outside

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Are you in the middle of setting up your swing seat or monkey bar rings to your swing set but are not sure about what kind of hardware you need to attach the swing to the chain? Are you looking for that right S-hook accessories? Sometimes an S-hook is needed to attach a swing, monkey rings, or maybe even our full or half bucket seats to your swing set chain or swing set. If you are trying to attach these items then take a look at our 3/8” x 4” large End S-Hooks. When deciding on what size s-hook that is needed, keep in mind the size of the opening of the s-hook it has to pass through the chain and attach to the swing seat. If the curve is not big enough or the metal is too thick the s-hook may not be fit properly.

This plated 3/8" X 4" large s-hook is used to fasten chain to swing seats and swing hangers without binding. It is coated to prevent rusting. They are sold per pair.

Have any questions or concerns about what kind of s-hook you should use? Swing Set Stuff Inc. is here to answer those questions and concerns. Feel free to give us a call or go onto our live chat link and one of our friendly staff members will assist you. We are here to make sure that your purchase runs smooth and no question goes unanswered.


  • Sold in Pairs
  • Used to Fasten Chain to Swing Seats and Swing Hangers
  • Coated to Prevent Rusting
  • Larger S hooks
  • Requires bending closed