Swing Set Stuff Inc. 6"X 3/8" Nylon Bushing Swing Hanger (pair) Durable Outside

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Whether on your belt seat, glider, or bucket seat swing more freely and quietly with these 6” X 3/8” nylon bush swing hangers. This is for the purchase of a pair of residential 6" x 3/8" threaded bolt-through nylon bush swing hangers with black colored nylon bushing, one washer and one locking nut for each hanger. These nylon bush swing hangers are very easily installed and can be used on wood or pipe swing sets that have a predrilled 3/8” hole or you may drill the appropriate size hole for the nylon bush swing hanger to be placed. When installing the threading should not be excessively far from the locking nut after tightening as we recommend that the excess threading be cut off once the nylon bush swing hangers are tightly secured to your swing set for the safety of the children playing on swing set. These swing hangers are made for a standard 6” x 6” wood beam or residential pipe swing set and they can also be used for a 4” x 6” wood beam. If you’re wood beam is not a standard 6” x 6” wood beam or is larger than these nylon bush swing hangers will not work for your application. If you’re not sure what kind of equipment to purchase for your swing set, please feel free to contact us by the web chat on our website or by telephone. One our knowledgeable employees will be happy to assist you.


* Use for Wood or Pipe Swing Sets

* Comes in a Pair

* For Residential Use Only

* Rust resistant

* For up to 105 pounds

* Must replace every 2 years or sooner if needed


Product Measurements

Threaded part of hanger is 5.25"


Note: All our fully assembled swings come with spring clips for attachment to your swing hangers. If you are not purchasing fully assembled swings from us you will need to purchase spring clips to attach your chain to these swing hangers.



Product Instructions