Swing Set Stuff Inc. Commercial Rubber Belt Seat with 8.5ft coated chain Outdoor Attachment Green Blue Yellow Red and Pink

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This swing features our commercial rubber belt seat assembled with s-hooks, 8.5ft vinyl coated chain and clips for easy attachment.  The seat includes a steel insert to add strength and durability. The triangle rings on the side are galvanized to prevent rust. The chain under coating is 3/16".


• Seat is rubber and measures 6”x24”

• Seat has steel insert inside

• Chain is 8.5ft in length and partially coated half way up

• Comes fully assembled

• Only two and a half feet of the chain is coated


*Please note the coated chain will split if twisted. It is not made to twist on. If using it in a commercial setting we will not warranty the chain for splitting due to twisting.


Product Measurements

Rubber seat measurement L= 25.5 in W= 5.75 in H= 0.25 in


Weight Limit


Up to 125 pounds and for children use only.



Product Instructions