Swing Set Stuff Inc. Cyclone Seat with Rope Plastic Sturdy Green Blue Yellow Red and Pink

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Everyone wants a High Quality Swing. So why not check out this cyclone swing seat molded from high density polyethylene that comes with 8 foot of black, or black with orange striped rope (based on what is available). The High density polyethylene makes this seat stand up against most weather conditions. This swing will offer your little one hours of play time, whether it be with friends or alone, the possibilities are endless. Not only is this swing fun, but it will also help your little one improve their balance and arm strength.

The rope is 3/4" in diameter and the seat is 11 3/4" in diameter. It comes in blue, green, red, yellow and pink. If you need more than 8 foot of rope you can get additional length for $1.50 more per foot. To attach this swing to your set, drill a hole through the top of the swing set and tie a knot. The seat of this swing is textured to help your child stay firmly attached to the swing.


* Comes in Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and Pink

* Rope 3/4in diameter

* 8ft of Black or Black and orange rope

* $1.50 More per foot of rope.


Product Measurements

Diameter =12 inches H= 4.5 inches


Weight Limit


Up to 105 pounds and for children use only.




Product Instructions