Swing Set Stuff Inc. Binoculars Plastic Colorful Green Blue Yellow Red and Pink

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Does your little one love an adventure? Why not get them this set of binoculars. These are the perfect toy for a little explorer. Your little one can pretend they are on a safari in the jungle, or out on a boat looking for fish, the imagination is endless with these binoculars. Let your kids imagine they are pirates looking for treasure, or they are astronauts looking up at the moon to scope out their next mission the only limitation your kids will have for fun is their imagination! This fun Binoculars comes with one, they are not sold in pairs. Get this great addition to your play set to add some imagination and fun to your outdoor play area!

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  • Does not magnify
  • Comes in green, blue, red, yellow and pink
  • Includes attaching hardware



Product Measurements

L= 11.5 in W = 10.75 in H = 5 in


Product Instructions