Swing Set Stuff Inc. Eye Hooks (pair) Outdoor Attachment

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High Quality Swing Set Parts are important for the structural integrity of your swing set. Make sure your hardware is up to snuff, or your swing set might not be as safe as it can be. When you get our high-quality eye hooks, you get a hard working piece of hardware that will do its job. This is the eyebolt that you want to have to make sure you have the peace of mind you want when your constructing a swing set. These eye hooks will make sure your kids are in a safe and secure environment. Your swing set will be the most popular around when it is safe and secure using our awesome eye hooks. When your kids are swinging up to the sky without a worry in the word, you will be happy that you picked this set of eye hooks.

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* These are sold in pairs

* Use these to hang rope ladders and other stationary items

* Not for use on swings

* Residential use only



Product Measures

L= 4 in W= 1.25 in


Weight Limit


Up to 105 pounds and for children use only.