Swing Set Stuff Inc. Large Textured Rock Holds Set of 12 Outside Attachment Green Blue Yellow Red and Pink

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With Textured Rock Holds, your little one will be climbing all over these rocks. Give them these textured rock holds to climb up with so they can refine their climbing ability. Building up their body strength and helping their hand eye coordination even while they are having fun. When they have mastered the ability to climb the rocks change them up to make them a bit more difficult. You can switch up there positioning by unscrewing the mounting hardware and placing and moving the rock into another location. Putting these textured rock holds up on your swing set will always keep your kiddos on their toes.

These are molded rocks with an easy grip texture surface. They are not smooth like the cheaper and smaller brand you might see. This is a set of twelve in three different shapes and sizes. Each rock has two mounting holes and comes with all mounting hardware. The colors available are blue and green. These rock holds are made for backyard residential use only. You also can buy individual ones if you need more than twelve. They are $3.00 ea. which includes shipping.

Do you have some questions about the textured rock holds? Not sure what the difference is between textured rock holds and composite sand rock holds? Swing Set Stuff Inc. is always here to answer all of your inquiries.


  • Set of 12 Large Rocks

  • Comes in Different Shapes

  • Two Mounting Holes for Extra Stability

  • Residential Use Only

  • Get Extra Rocks for $3.00 Ea.

  • Comes With SSS Logo Sticker


Product Measurements

1st rock L= 3 3/8 inches W= 4 1/4 inches H= 2 5/8 inches

2nd rock L= 2 1/2 inches W=4 1/2 inches H = 1 1/4 inches

3rd rock L= 3 3/8 inches W= 4 inches H= 1 7/8 inches

Hardware bolts = 8mm diameter x 35mm long

Hole to hole = 1.5 inches Hole Diameter =1/2 inches


Weight Limit

Up to 105 Pounds and for children use only.

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