Swing Set Stuff Inc. Residential Belt Swing Seat with Chains and Hooks Outside Attachment Green Blue Yellow Red and Pink

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Do you want your kids to enjoy the outdoors just like you did when you were younger? Do you want a buy a seat that comes with the hooks and chains for an easy install? Then you are looking at the right belt swing seat! Get the enjoyment of a fun residential belt swing seat with chains and hooks without the stress of trying to get the right hardware to install it. Get the kids outdoors and active and out of the basement with this great belt swing seat. Countless hours in the sun with friends are waiting!

This is for one 25 1/2" L x 5 1/4" W fully assembled and ready to connect to a swing set. This belt swing is fade resistant. It comes with two large s-hooks, two 5 1/2ft chains, and two quick clips for easy attachment. The chain is 3/16" zinc plated with a working load of 750 pounds each. This is the type of chain you typically see in a park. The standard length of the chain will be 5 1/2 ft. The colors of the seats are blue, green, red, pink and yellow.

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* Residential use only

* Comes fully assembled with 5.5ft uncoated chain


Product Measurements

Seat Measures L= 26.25 inches W= 5.75 inches H=0.50 inches


Weight Limit


Up to 105 pounds and for children use only.



Product Instructions