Swing Set Stuff Inc. Polymer Belt Swing Seat with Chains and Hooks Great Quality Green Blue Yellow Red and Pink

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Make sure your children get the right amount of exercise and outdoor time with this awesome polymer belt swing seat with chains and hooks. Your kids will never want to go inside once they get the feeling of going up into the sky. Not only is this polymer belt swing seat colorful, but it also comes with chains and hooks for easy install for the adults. Your kids get the fun and excitement of a belt swing, while you do not get the stress of building one from scratch.

This polymer commercial swing seat comes with chains and hooks. The seat is 6" x 24" and has triangle hardware on the sides. This seat comes with two s-hooks, two 5 1/2 ft zinc chains and two quick clips. The chain is 3/16" zinc plated and the working load is 750 pounds each. The standard length of the chain is 5 1/2ft. All of this will come fully assembled to you. The colors for the seat is red, blue, green, yellow, tan and black.

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* Commercial grade

* Up to 125 pounds’ children only

* Comes in red, blue, green, yellow, black and pink

* Fully assembled with 5.5ft uncoated chain

* Swing hangers sold separately


Product Measurements

Seat Measures L= 25 in W= 6 in H = 0.25 in\


Product Instructions