Swing Set Stuff Inc. Stand N Swing Fun Premium

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Stand N Swing is perfect for the child who loves to stand up on their swing seat but are you tired of the wear and tear on seat because of this? Then get them the stand and swing, with this your child can swing standing up for as long as they like. This swing will help build your child’s muscles, while improving their balance. This Stand N Swing is the perfect swing companion for those kids who prefer to stand up on the seats instead of sitting in them. This platform offers special foot cut outs, to ensure proper placement and security of their feet, making this the perfect swing for the kids who enjoy standing when they swing up and down. This is a stand-n-swing with 8 foot of rope. The platform of the swing is 12 3/4"x 12 1/4". This comes in green only. It is for ages 5 and up.


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* Comes in Green only

* This product is for ages 5 and up

* Residential use only


Product Measurements

L = 13 in W= 12.5 H= 1.5 in


Weight Limit


Up to 105 pounds and for children use only.