Swing Set Stuff Inc. Trapeze Rings with Swing Hangers (Pair) Great Colorful Green Blue Yellow Red and Pink

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Need Trapeze Rings with Swing Hangers for a bigger kid or a smaller child, these are sure to energize anyone of your children. Bigger kids can practice their flips and little ones can practice their swinging. Whatever their needs are for these trapeze rings they are sure to have fun trying. These fun trapeze rings will help build your child's upper body strength while they have fun outside. They can test their strengths by trying to do chin ups or pull ups. For whatever entertaining use these plastic trapeze rings are for the kids are sure to enjoy them.

Kids can take wing with the strong trapeze rings made of polyethylene. Although these Trapeze Rings are not made for commercial use they are great for the family back yard and residential use. These wonderful trapeze rings are sold in pairs. We have them in Red, Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow. Swing Set Stuff is sure to have the color that your child will love so order yours today.

Sometimes you may not be sure if you need residential or commercial or you may not know if trapeze rings are better instead of a trapeze bar. Swing Set Stuff is here to make your buying experience easier. You can give us a call or even find our live chat link at the top of the page. We can assist you with any of your questions.


* Made of Strong Polyethylene

* For Residential Use Only

* Triangle Shaped

* Available in Red, Blue, Green, Pink, and Yellow


Product Measures

Trap ring measurement: L= 8.5 in W= 6.5 in, Inside hand hold 4.5in, width of handle 3/4 in


Weight Limit


Up to 105 pounds and for children use only.