Talk Tube Horns Kids Toy Green Blue Yellow and Red

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Talk Tube Horns will Help your child use his imagination and create new adventures. They come in pairs. When paired with the talk hose (sold separately) they can chat with whomever is on the other end. These talk tubes are so much funRemember playing with a string and a can, now they can have the same experience with more advanced equipment. While one person chats on one side the other can listen and vice versa. They can make fun games out of listening to each other. Kids love to chat back and forth. These talk tube horns can make them more sociable instead of sitting inside. With these talk tubes they will be making friends and loving the outdoors. 

The hose that connects the horns is sold separately. Made from sturdy polyethylene so they can sustain the harshest of playtimes. These talk tube horns are 19” in length and 4” ID at the large end, 7/8” ID at the small end. The colors we have are green, blue, red and yellow. This is for children 5-12 years of age 

Not sure how these talk tubes work? Need some advice about buying the hose that connects the two horns? Swing Set Stuff’s staff members are only a click away. Our live chat link is at the top of the page or you can always give us a call. 


  • Come in Pairs 

  • Hose Sold Separately 

  • Made of Sturdy Polyethylene 

  • Made for Children 5-12 Years of Age 

  • Available in Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow 

Product Measurements
L= 11 in W= 4 in and 1 in