Swing Set Stuff Inc. Ultimate Kit Kids Accessory Green Blue Yellow Red and Pink

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This Swing Set Accessories Kit that has everything your child could imagine! Or you have the basic setup for a swing set but want to add the perfect accessories? As the name says, this is the ultimate kit, perfect to start your playground area off with! Here at swingsetstuff we offer all these great accessories in one great kit so why order all these pieces separate which could cost you more money and time when you can order the ultimate kit that has everything to set up your playground and add some color and pizazz. Whether you are starting from nothing or you need to revamp your existing swing set this kit will get the job done. This will light up the kids eyes when they see all of the great swing set accessories that are getting!

This kit includes 2 residential belt swings with 5.5ft coated chain, 1 set of plastic trapeze rings with uncoated chain 3 ft. length, 1 daisy disc swing with rope, 2 set of 10" playground handles, 1 periscope, 1 deluxe steering wheel, 1 telescope, 6 spring clips, 6 swing hangers (4" or 6" please specify). The chain coated and uncoated is 3/16".


* 2 Residential Belt Swings with 5.5ft Coated Chain

* 1 Set Plastic Trapeze rings with 3ft of Uncoated Chain

* 1 Daisy Disc with 12' by 5/8" rope

* 2 Sets of 10” Playground Handles

* 1 Periscope

* 1 Deluxe Steering Wheel

* 1 Telescope

* 6 Spring Clips attached to residential belt seat

* 6 Swing Hangers (4” or 6”)

* Available in Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, and Pink