Swing Set Stuff Inc. Monocular Periscope Premium Colorful Green Blue Yellow Red and Pink

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Having an outdoor area for your kids to play has never been more important. Do you want your kids to be outside, enjoying nature with their friends while having fun in the sun? Or do you want them to be stuck in the basement playing video games and watching movies? If you want your kids to be outside more, then this one of the toys to get. Your kids can pretend to be on a huge submarine, going all around the world, or an ocean diver finding the giant squid. Anything is possible with this fun and imagination building toy that will add hours of outdoor fun to your house. This fun and easy to use toy comes in green, red, yellow and blue to color coordinate with your play set.


* Hardware included

* Comes in several colors


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Product Measures

L= 5 in W= 4.75 in H= 12 in


Product Instructions