Swing Set Stuff Inc. Commercial Coated Round Trapeze Rings Long Lasting Green Blue Yellow Pink and Red

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Commercial Coated Trapeze Rings that are coated for commercial use and are made for multiple children to play with on a daily basis. These are commercial quality round metal trapeze rings that are plastisol coated. Sturdy, rugged, tough, and durable are all words that could be used to describe these trapeze rings. Where children are concerned the more sturdy the better when it comes to playground equipment. Kids can dish out some havoc on the playground with these commercial quality trapeze rings that can hold up to their mayhem.


Looking for some commercial quality trapeze rings to brighten up your local schools playground? Well the looking stops here! Whether you are putting them in a public playground or your backyard swing set, these Commercial Coated Round Trapeze Rings will last and are perfect for your swing set. These trapeze rings are sold in pairs, but you can add more to create a Tarzan effect, swinging from one end to the other. They are available in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. We also offer coated chain to assist in matching with your commercial coated round trapeze rings.


Not sure if you need commercial quality or residential? Need to know if round is the best shape for you? How are you going to attach them to your playground? Swing Set Stuff can answer your questions or concerns by live chat, phone, or email.


• Coated metal rings with plastisol for durability

• Rated for commercial use

• Available in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow


Product Measurements

L= 6.8 in W= 6 in Handhold 4.5 in


Weight Limit


Up to 125 Pounds and for children use only.