Swing Set Stuff Inc. Commercial Coated Trapeze Bar Durable Accessory Green Blue Yellow and Red

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Kids love the circus so why not give them a Trapeze Bar to swing from? Does your child dream of being a trapeze enthusiast? Then this is the perfect bar for your play set! They can be hanging, soaring, and flying with this trapeze bar. Moving like an acrobat, they can pretend to swing from platform to trapeze bar, and even into a deep pool way down below them. Flips, twists, or just dangling upside down are easy to accomplish with this trapeze bar. The games are endless with this fun bar and will influence children to get outside and be active.


Swing Set Stuff has a very high quality 20" metal plastisol coated trapeze bar. This trapeze bar is perfect for your local playground, school playground, or even for your own personal play set in your backyard. Because they are commercial, they are made to withstand heavy use and many children playing on them daily. We have many colors to choose from, so let your child pick their favorite color from green, yellow, blue, or red. So come check out our colorful collection of trapeze bars!

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• Available in a variety of colors; Green, Yellow, Blue, and Red

• Eyehooks for easy attachment

• Plastisol coating for extra durability

• Rated for commercial use


Product Measurements

L= 21 in W 1.25 in


Weight Limit


Up to 125 Pounds and for children use only.