Swing Set Stuff Inc. Periscope Outdoor Fun Green Blue Yellow Red and Pink

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Our Toy Periscope that is 14" long will let your child have fun exploring a whole new world of "under sea" adventure. Children can dream of manning a submarine to depths not yet seen by the human eye. It has a clear lens and mirror to provide a clear view for whatever sea creature they are spying on. If they come across a giant squid or a great white shark they can handle it. No matter where their adventure takes them they will be able to see clear so they can ensure a safe voyage. This periscope is one of the many tools that your child can use to help them explore their creativity in the great outdoors. Swing Set Stuff’s periscope will allow them to see up over objects. Having the ability to see around a wood structure would greatly improve a game of hide and seek.


The periscope is made from tough polyethylene for long lasting outdoor use. It swivels up and down so your child can enjoy all of their pirate ship or submarine adventures. It comes complete with mounting brackets for quick and easy installation. The periscope is available in Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue and Red.


Do you have questions about our periscope? Check out our live chat or give us a call. We will be glad to help with your swing set needs.


  •  Comes with mounting brackets

  •  Available in Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and Pink

  •  Swivels up and down

  •  Made of polyethylene for strength

  •  Recommended for residential use

  • Comes With SSS Logo Sticker


Product Measurements

L= 16 in W= 4 in


       Product Instructions