Plastic Corrugated Hose for Talk Tube Colorful Premium

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Do your kids have the gift of gab? Then this is the must have toy for them! This is the Plastic Corrugated Hose for Talk Tube, aka the best toy on the playground! What is more fun than whispering a secret to your friend who is all the way at the other end of the playground! Communication is a lifelong skill that is very important to develop, so why not help your little ones early one with this hose for talk tube. This is a very unique and fun toy that is not at all of the parks. This toy is perfect for young ones who love to talk. This is the type of toy your kids and all of their friends will love playing with. Getting this unique toy is a fantastic addition to anyone’s playset! Make sure your playset is a social play where all the kids can play, and with this talk tube, every kid will be involved in the fun.

This is plastic corrugated hose for the use with the talk tubes (not included). Finding that right piece to connect the talk tubes so the kids can hear each other properly isn’t the easiest. Use the Corrugated hose that was made specifically for the talk tubes. Hose is sold per foot. Comes in green, blue, red and yellow. This product is sold per foot. So, an order of 10 is 10 feet of tube. Measure the length you need before you order to make sure your tube is long enough.


* Sold per foot

* For use with talk horns (not included)

* Comes in several colors