Swing Set Stuff Inc. 13" Playground Handles Well Made Green Blue Yellow Red and Pink

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Playground Handles are made of tough polyethylene will help give your child the extra hand they need to climb up to the top of their play set. This will also give you the peace of mind you need to insure your child is climbing the swing set safely. Safety is the most important factor here at Swing Set Stuff and adding some playground handles to a tough to reach spot or where added stability is needed can make your swing set safer. When climbing up a ladder, or at the top of the slide placing handles in these particular spots will make them more confident and stable. Place these handles anywhere that more hand support is needed. 

They are made of tough polyethylene for a cool to the touch feel and long lasting use. Durable to withstand the weather such as rain or sunThey come with complete mounting hardware and are sold in a set of two. We have them in Blue, Green, Red, Pink and Yellow to compliment any swing setWe also have 10” handles (not included) for a smaller spot.  

Looking for the right handles can sometimes be challenging. Swing Set Stuff is ready to make the hard decisions easier. You can always call us, email us or click our online chat link to be directed to one of our staff members. 



    • Comes with Complete Hardware 

    • Weather resistant 

    • Helps Create Better Stability 

    • Made of Strong, Durable Polyethylene 

    • Available in Blue, Green, Red, Pink, and Yellow

    • Product Measurements W= 1.25in and 3in off wall
    • Hardware measurements = Aprox. 5mm diameter x 35mm long wood screws
    • Product Instructions

Weight Limit


Up to 105 Pounds and for children use only.