Swing Set Stuff Inc. Deluxe Accessories Kit Colorful Quality Green Blue Yellow Red and Pink

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This Kit can provide hours of fun for your little one and their friends. Your child and their friends will have almost limitless amount of fun with this excellent kit. With this deluxe kit, you can expand your child’s imagination. Your child can pretend to be a deep sea diver trying to find Atlantis with the periscope. They pretend to be a race car driver that is winning a big race with the steering wheel. They can look up at the sky with the telescope. This kit is full of never ending possibilities when you combine the products with your child’s imagination. When you mix imagination and the great outdoors, you get a perfect combination for your children to have loads of fun! Your child will be so happy that they can do so much outside with this deluxe accessory kit. Get your kids into the habit of getting outside and exercising. Getting outdoors and exercising can become a lifelong habit that will benefit them forever. 

This kit includes our periscope, telescope, telephone, 1 set of handles and our deluxe steering wheel. It comes in blue, green and yellow, red, and pink. Telescope, periscope do not magnify.


* 1 Deluxe steering Wheel 

* 1 Telescope (does not magnify) 

* 1 Telephone 

* 1 Set of handles 

* 1 Periscope (does not magnify) 

* 1 pair binoculars (does not magnify) 

* Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Pink.